Autoryzowany dystrybutor Amot

Amot Co. authorized distributor

RDL Hydraulics Co. is a trade partner and authorized representative of Amot Company on the Polish market.

Amot company offers top-class products proven in the toughest conditions, particularly in fuel and energy, petrochemical and marine industries.

Components and systems manufactured by Amot are widely used in control systems of large internal combustion engines, turbines and compressors.

In the Amot range of products, you can find:
G valve electric

3-way valve for temperature control type G

  • self-controlled valves for stabilization of fluid temperature,
  • pneumatically and electrically actuated temperature regulating valves,
  • pneumatically actuated 2- and 3-way control valves for steam and water,
  • thermostats and pressure switches,
  • rotational speed sensors,
  • vibration pick-ups,
  • pressure transmitters,
  • systems for integrated oil temperature control in a system,
  • systems for monitoring of temperatures of bearings,
  • fuel cut-off systems for controlled engine stop or its throttling back in emergency situations,
  • metal detectors for monitoring oil quality.
B valve

Thermostatic valve type B

G Type valves – 3-way temperature regulating valves
B Type valves – thermostatic valves
Valves overview and applications