Star Hydraulics

RDL Hydraulics is an authorized distributor of Star Hydraulics Ltd. on the Polish market. We also service all types of Star Hydraulics servo vales.

For many years, Star Hydraulics has specialised in production of high quality servo valves with accessories. Thanks to their advantages, they are widely used in power transmission and hydraulic control systems in many industries.

Many years of experience and collaboration with clients led to the development of a unique SAPPHIRE technology, through which your Star Hydraulics servo valves feature unparalleled durability and reliability.

Star Hydraulics servo valves are offered in some basic product ranges:
  • Flow of 1-7 l/min (Model 200),
  • Flow of 1-20 l/min (Models 454, 460, 590 & 592),
  • Flow of 1-40 l/min (Model 455),
  • Flow of 1-60 l/min (Models 456, 458, 500, 650, 1550, 1650),
  • Flow of 1-75 l/min (Models 500E, 550, 552, 552E553, 557, 558),
  • Flow of 95-125 l/min (Model 700),
  • Flow of 95-230 l/min (Models 890, 892, 893),
  • Flow of 230-900 l/min (Models 240H, 60FC).

Star Hydraulics offers specialized accessories and control systems for all product ranges.