Since its establishment, RDL Hydraulics is a distributor of Wika product lines (until 2007, Kujawska Gauge Factory). Wika Group is an international corporation producing equipment for measuring temperature and pressure, which has factories in Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Spain and Poland.

Temperature measurement:
  • Gas actuated thermometers – dial thermometers for industrial applications,
  • electric thermocouples – resistance and generating thermometers (thermocouples),
  • bimetal thermometers – dial thermometers for HVAC applications,
  • temperature transmitters – conversion of physical signal into electrical signal (current, voltage signal),
  • othermowells for thermal separation of sensitive measuring components,
  • digital displays,
  • temperature controllers.

Pomiar ciśnienia

Pressure measurement:
  • pressure gauges – mechanical pressure measurements,
  • pressure transmitters – electronic pressure measurements (incl. programmable units with Profibus and Hart protocols),
  • separators – isolating the measurement system from the measured utility,
  • mmechatronic pressure measurement – compilation of traditional measuring devices with electronic instruments,
  • pressure switches.
Calibration technology:
  • Pressure calibrators – hand held, portable with integrated power supply unit, pressure balances, test pumps (pneumatic and hydraulic),
  • Temperature calibrators – calibration accuracy up to 0,0025% of accuracy of reading.
Level measurement:
  • Float switches,
  • Continuous in-tank level measurement (transmitters, switches and sensors),
  • Optoelectronic level limit switches.