Poclain Hydraulics

RDL Hydraulics is a representative and trade partner of Poclain Hydraulics on the Polish market.

Silnik Poclain ML06

Poclain Hydraulics ML06 motor

Poclain Hydraulics is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of components and designing and construction of complete hydrostatic transmissions with more than 50 years of experience in this area.

Poclain Hydraulics low-speed, high torque hydraulic motors feature very wide range of absorption (80 to 12 500 cm3/rev.) and power outputs up to 240 kW for the largest units.

Silnik Poclain MK09

Poclain Hydraulics MK09 motor

Offered motors operate at pressures of up to 450 bar depending on the motor size and type. Very smooth speed control at all speeds is a characteristic feature of the Poclain Hydraulics hydraulic motors. Poclain Hydraulics hydraulic motors stand out from the competition particularly at very low speeds.

Poclain Hydraulics products are used wherever a high-torque in low speed transmissions is required.

Poclain Hydraulics range of products includes:
  • low-speed, high torque hydraulic motors of MS and MSE series,
  • MK series hydraulic motors for compacters,
  • pumps for hydraulic closed systems,
  • electronic systems for traction control systems.