DST – magentic couplings


DST was founded in 1991 on the basis of a simple but ingenious idea: by using magnets, the input and output sides can be hermetically separated owing to the non-contact transmission of torque, thereby eliminating leakage. With many years of experience in non-contact torque transmission, we are your first port of call for the design and development of customised solutions using magnetic couplings and agitator drives.

Comprehensive advice is a top priority for us in this context. We make sure that every inquiry is technically feasible, then produce a calculation and simulation. This means that we work with concrete data and designs right from the planning phase. With well over 1,000 magnet configurations, we are able to find the perfect solution for the diverse of customers applications.

DST products are applied where toxic, odorous or aggressive fluids must be conveyed safely.

Due to their special safety feature, DST magnetic couplings can be used in various areas: besides the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, DST products are applied in biotechnology, in industrial furnaces, in water management, in compressors, in measurement and dosing technology, in hydraulics or in petrochemistry.


DST’s product range includes:

  • magnetic couplings,
  • canisters,
  • convertion kits,
  • agitator drives,
  • SSiC plain bearings.


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