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We are the exclusive distributor of DST on the Polish market.

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DST magnetic couplings are used in all areas of industry, from chemical to pharmaceutical and food. DST products can be found in biotechnology, water management, in measuring and dosing technology, in industrial furnaces, compressors, and finally in hydraulics and petrochemicals.

In applications with critical, highly toxic or aggressive media, hermetically closed couplings are inevitable. Due to the non-contact and tight transmission of torque in pumps and agitators, permanent magnet DST couplings are a reliable alternative to conventional dynamic seals. With more than 1000 magnet configurations, it is possible to achieve the optimal solution for a wide range of applications.

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Commercial offer of
RDL Hydraulics (pdf)


Scope of supply:

  • Magnetic couplings,
  • canisters,
  • convertion kits,
  • agitator drives,
  • SSiC plain bearings.