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We are the exclusive distributor of AMOT CONTROLS on the Polish market.

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AMOT is the world’s leading manufacturer of temperature control valves, products protecting and monitoring the operation of engines, compressors, turbines and other rotating devices.

AMOT temperature control valves provide a reliable but also simple way to control the temperature of fluids. This is essential for maintaining the efficiency and performance of the machine. Additional advantages of thermostatic valves are self-actuation, low maintenance requirements and the ability to work in any mounting position.

AMOT knows that the key to your business is to keep your equipment in optimal condition and supports you in it providing durable, field-proven products designed to improve performance.

Amot valves can be found, among others in turbines, compressors or lubricating oil cooling systems, wherever fluids must be mixed or properly directed depending on their temperature.

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  • Temperature control valves, ,
    • thermostatic valves, span>,
    • valves with pneumatic or electric actuators + accessories, ,
  • fuel shut-off / air start valves,,
  • fuel metering valves, ,
  • accessories, ,
    • sensors and transmitters for pressure, temperature, vibration, rotational speed,
    • flow indicator,span>
    • oil quality monitoring, metal in oil detector, water in oil detector.