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We are the exclusive distributor of Oilgear on the Polish market.

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Oilgear is a niche manufacturing company focused on high-tech pumps, valves and control systems.

With Oilgear on offer, we will face all the challenges of our clients.

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Oilgear Distribution Certificate

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Commercial offer of
RDL Hydraulics (pdf)



  • variable displacement axial piston pumps with various types of regulators,
  • pumps with constant capacity for pressures of 1000 bar,
  • valves and valve blocks for flows over 800 l / min and pressures up to 1200 bar.

You can also find Oilgear in:


  • hydraulically powered stations, used in LNG transport and loading, hydraulic fracturing, water jet cutting, water-based forging and extrusion presses,
  • offshore traffic compensation devices,
  • underwater devices for which special designs of pumps, valve blocks and valves are dedicated,
  • presses equipped with hydraulics,
  • test stands for various industries.