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We are the exclusive distributor of VSE on the Polish market.

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VSE is a manufacturer of high-precision flow measuring devices. High-tech products provide highly accurate measurement results for virtually all media.

VSE flow meters operate reliably and safely for both water and high viscosity media. Different materials, such as titanium or bronze, are available to find the right solution for your application. Suitable analysis electronics and a wide range of accessories complement this manufacturers assortment.

VSE develops custom solutions for individual customer orders.

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Commercial offer of
RDL Hydraulics (pdf)


Scope of supply:

  • VS gear flow meters ,
  • VSI preampliers,
  • RS screw flow meters,
  • flow meters in ef aluminium housing,
  • VHM gear flow meters,
  • VTR turbine flow meters,
  • electronic accessories,
  • special solutions.