HBE celebrates its 40th anniversary!

img 20240307 wa00002 - HBE celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Events 8 March 2024

This is a special year for HBE!
One of our key suppliers is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The official ceremony which we had the pleasure to participate was a unique event, gathering many representatives of the hydraulics industry, customers and business partners.

HBE has built its brand on reliability, innovation and staying focused on the highest quality of the products offered.

We are proud to be part of HBE’s history and witness their successes. We wish the entire team many more decades of achievements. We are convinced that our partnership will continue to be strong, effective and beneficial for both companies, but above all for the customers.

We would like to thank HBE for years of cooperation and for creating successes together. We are happy to be part of your story
img 20240307 wa00012 - HBE celebrates its 40th anniversary!