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We are a distributor of Sun Hydraulics on the Polish market.

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Sun Hydraulics

Sun Hydraulics has everything you need to turn your concept into reality. Hundreds of ready-made kits designed to provide efficient and effective solutions. If you don’t find anything suitable for your project, we will customize Sun products to meet the requirements of your specific application.

State-of-the-art electro-hydraulics and proven hydraulic controls meet a wide range of needs in the mobile and industrial markets.

The use of Sun Hydraulics valves ensures increased reliability and simplification of systems, reduction of places where leaks occur, reduction of installation costs and simplification of service work, as well as shortening of assembly time, reducing the number of spare parts, and reducing dimensions and the weight of the entire system.

The main distinguishing features of Sun Hydraulics valves are:

  • use of several standard seats for all types of valves,
  • use of five valve sizes with high unification of spare parts,
  • reliability and long service life
  • resistance to corrosion through the use of protective coatings
  • very small leaks ensuring very stiff characteristics,
  • possibility of supplying valves in a stainless version.

QuickDesign – Sun’s free online application, design tool. -assembly

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Commercial offer of
RDL Hydraulics (pdf)


Scope of supplies:

Sun Hydraulics offers cartridge valves in all basic types, including proportional:

  • overflow valves,
  • reducing valves,
  • check valves,
  • throttle and check valves,
  • brake valves,
  • flow regulators,
  • flow synchronizers,

Blocks with various connection options:

  • with threaded connections,
  • plate,
  • for direct mounting on hydraulic motors,